Real Estate Agencies – We keep you running.

Real Estate Agencies are often required to produce brochures, fact sheets and documents on a regular basis. Firstly there are flyers and visual fact sheets produced for the Residences and Commercial premises they may sell. Then there is documentation for pre-sale, for inspections, for offers, etc. Much of this documentation is one off material – used once then by necessity disposed of. Of course with private information and detail involved it must be shredded – properly and professionally.

Servico service a number of Real Estate offices and individual branch offices of well known Real Estate organisations. It provides a range of laminators, guillotines and paper folders from well known and recognised industry brand leaders suitable for usage at different activity levels by both large and small Real Estate agency offices.

One such Agency is Love Real Estate located at 274 High St Preston. The Agency specialises in Residential property sales in the area as well as Property Management for landlords with properties extending from Reservoir to Thornbury and West Preston to East Preston. Nicki Castro is the office manager for Love Real Estate of Preston. She was very effervescent in her praise for Servico, its services, sales activity and for proprietor Phillip Milides.


She expressed that upon experiencing a fault or breakdown she could call Servico and be guaranteed a 2 day turnaround on any maintenance or repairs. She pointed at that in most cases Phillip or his staff actually followed up on the same day. She expressed 100% satisfaction with Servico pointing out that unlike the larger companies servicing copiers or computers, she was able to maintain a personal relationship with Phillip and his team from Servico.

As well Nicki pointed out that when equipment was no longer viable Phillip Milides and his Servico team were very helpful in recommending the right equipment for her needs at the right cost. Currently Love Real Estate operate Shredders and Paper Folders from name brands. Love Real Estate can be contacted at for all your real estate requirements within the greater Preston region.

Phillip Milides suggested if your Real Estate Agency requires a paper folder to look at the Superfax PF340 as a suitable piece of equipment. However Phillip felt it very important that when considering such purchases, clients should always call Servico for advice and recommendations. Please call 03 9686 8044 for a free no obligation quote or simply to gather advice on which office equipment, be it in Shredders, Folders, Laminators or Guillotines best suit the scale and requirements of your office.

Currently Servico maintain and service a full range of equipment at the offices of Jellis Craig Real Estate, Love Real Estate, Marshall White Real Estate, Harcourts Real Estate, Ray White Real Estate and a number of other Real Estate Agencies.


When service and reliability is critical, remember, here at Servico we promise to keep you running.

So never stop running, call Melbourne’s premier office equipment repairer on 03 9686 8044 and experience real service. Or go to our website and fill out a contact form and book online.

Servico – The name means service.

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