School Holidays – time for maintenance – call Servico now!

With School Holidays upon us, now is a great time to check on all your valuable office and print equipment used at your school, its office, library, art and craft rooms or documentation centres. Servico are ready and able to service and maintain all your valuable equipment – Whiteboards, Binders, Shredders, Laminators, Guillotines, Hole Punches, Electric Staplers and much more.

With the final term coming up students and teachers alike are preparing their final submissions. Whether it’s a project, an essay, artwork or group assignment, everyone wants to deliver the perfect presentation.

Servico can provide maintenance on a wide range of specialist equipment. Whiteboards including the popular Panasonic range are a speciality.

Servico is SAM 4 Schools certified and compliant. To remind you again, here is the SAM 4 Schools program introduction…


Managing the Risk and Compliance of your School’s Providers of On-site Goods or Services (POGS) and Contractors

SAM4Schools is a secure, online Risk and Compliance Management System that benefits schools and their providers of on-site goods or services (POGS) / contractors.
Our system provides the framework to establish and maintain an up-to-date Compliance Register for every provider of on-site goods or services (POGS) and contractors to a school.  This enables a school to meet its workplace obligations and comply with current legislation, while providing their legal duty of care.

SAM4Schools streamlines compliance and reporting procedures, and greatly assists those responsible for the workplace health and safety of their school, such as:  principals, assistant principals, business managers and leadership team members responsible for budgets, facilities and purchasing.

A school culture that values compliance and governance is the key to delivering trust and integrity. Building and maintaining this culture casts a protective net over your staff and students while satisfying legal requirements.
The school education framework in Australia is undergoing critical change, resulting in increasing pressure for schools to educate students while negotiating constant shifts in legislative, fiscal and economic requirements. Such challenges create greater expectations on your compliance and risk processes to protect your school from harm.
Risks are events, situations or circumstances that may lead to negative consequences for your school. Appropriate risk management strategies can minimise costly and stressful problems, and may also reduce insurance claims and premiums.



Servico provide warranty service for a wide range of branded equipment. Call now on 9686 8044 to check whether your equipment s covered by Servico.

all brands

Servico services a full range of brands such as Fellowes, Dahle, Ledah, Nobo, Uchida, Rapid, Royal Sovereign, Kobra, Prima, Ideal and many more. Many claim to service all makes and models, but at Servico its simply the case – its true – we really do.

The primary consideration at schools is safety. Servico place user safety above all other considerations, ensuring all equipment and machinery is placed safely for general use, as well as making sure it is well maintained and always safe to use.

For further information please visit our website and book a time to meet with our friendly service team to discuss your needs and get the recommendations of Phil Milides our Manager.

So take a break and enjoy your time off. Come refreshed, equipped, ready to go. At Servico we keep you running.

Servico – The name means service.


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