Servico – The Right Decision for Maintenance and Service

Servico specialise in servicing and maintaining a range of Office Equipment used by many businesses. From Binders, Shredders, Laminators, Electronic Staplers, Folding Machines, Guillotines to Whiteboards, Servico keeps them running. Servico carry out Warranty Maintenance and repairs on major brands such as Uchida, Rexel, Royal Sovereign and many more.

all brands

Presenting your business, service or organisation in today’s world means being equipped for the job. Why not talk to our team about putting an office package together that enables you to do it yourself, in house at a fraction of the cost of having a third party produce your materials.

Servico have created packages for Real Estate Offices, Medical Centres, Schools, TAFEs and Training Centres, Government Offices such as Police, Local Government Offices and church groups.

With a Laminator, Binding Machine, Folding Machine, Guillotine and Electric Stapler it’s possible to print and prepare photo displays, create multiple copies of manuals and advertising material, prepare mailouts and much more.

With Servico, our staff get to know and understand your business, meaning we can help and advise you on what may assist you with your unique requirements. With over 20 years experience in servicing all sorts of businesses from Print Shops to Legal Offices, Servico are uniquely positioned to provide real expertise and assistance.

Book now for Christmas Summer break maintenance on all your valuable equipment. You can call Servico on 03 9686 8044 or book a service call on the Servico website. Set yourself up perfectly for the next year’s activity, confident that you are equipped, functional and can rely on all your office systems during your busiest times. This especially applies to Schools, TAFEs, Training Centres and University Departments where January and February sees enrolments and preparation for the first semester.

You can rely on Servico to keep you running

Servico – The name means service


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