Back to Work – Start the Year with a real Flyer

The holidays for many are over either this week or next week. Back to work and yes it is a bit quiet. So it’s time to let your customers and clients know you’re back with a great offer or a reminder of your services.

The office staff all say ‘What about an email blast?’. To which you should say ‘That’s so 2010!’

Why? Because 99% of businesses these days operate with ‘Spam Filters’, ‘Clutter’ files on Microsoft Outlook or Cloud pages that filter out advertising material. And then often, promotional emails will be labelled junk because the copy includes images – jpegs, gifs or pngs.


The best option is a quick and effective mail-out using your business’s in-house capability. Create your high resolution, coloured Flyer. Prepare your envelopes with address labels. Create a personal addressed cover letter. Fold all items (need a folding machine? Contact Servico) for delivery, stuff the envelopes and deliver to the Post Office for dispatch.

Offer some form of encouragement – a discount, a new product, a new service, or simply a recognition of your business valuing its customers – individually.

Either way, incorporate a ‘call to action’ and an ‘offer’. This is a marketing exercise and essentially it’s communication with your client base that maintains and enhances your business relationship and activity.


Create a similar campaign on Social Media, but remember – Facebook dislikes reams of text. Ensure that your website reflects your offer and call to action.

And remember, your brand is only as good as the last interaction you and your client have experienced. Keep an eye on Google reviews, Facebook reviews and comments and similar public or open comment forums. Don’t be too panicked by negative input. No-one expects a business to be perfect. But it’s really important that your business is responsive – and seen to be responsive! Deal with such postings and restore your customer relations with those clients that are unhappy.


Stay tuned, the new shopping cart is well underway and should be operational this month. Til next week – have a great week and – welcome back.


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