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Many of our customers are aware that not only do we provide servicing on a wide range of essential office equipment – Binders, Shredders, Guillotines, Staplers, Folders and much more – we also now market a full range of brand new equipment in these same categories.


For many ‘not a shred of evidence’ gives a good clue as to what it is their business requires. Often confidential documentation is prepared during business transactions. Legal documents, Medical records – there are many levels of ‘documentation’. However much of it simply becomes waste paper when contracts are signed. Medical documents are stored nationally now online. Legal documentation is also carefully stored. But otherwise – you need a shredder!


Servico now offer access to one of the world’s leading brands of Shredder – Dahle. Dahle offer shredders suitable for most applications, from a convenient home shredder through to one large enough to cater for a full Government Department!



Here are a selected few of the range we now offer:

  • Dahle 106 – A unit perfect for the busy office. Quiet and efficient. Waste collection 60 litres
  • Dahle 114 – For high volume document shredding. Waste collection 140L
  • Dahle 403 – A smaller shredder for Deskside application. Crosscut with waste collection of 30L
  • Dahle 406air – Medium sized Shredder. Department size and offers cross cutting. Holds 60 litres of waste
  • Dahle 414air – Offers a crosscut shredding from Dahle – the only ones available on the market. Waste collection 140L
  • Dahle 506 – Also a crosscut shredder, a smaller version, holding 60L of waste paper

All Dahle shredders are extremely quiet in operation and feature genuine German engineering.


For further information you can download each unit’s specifications here:


Call Servico now on 9686 8033 for further information on the wide range of office equipment now available from Servico. Equally don’t hesitate to call for further information on Dahle Shredders. Or you can leave your details here and our servicemen will respond promptly to your enquiry.

Remember at Servico we keep you running.

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Binders, Shredders, Folding Machines – It’s time to book in for a Maintenance Plan Now.

With school holidays in full swing, now is a good time to be considering the maintenance of your valuable Office Equipment – Shredders, Binders, Folding Machines, Electronic Whiteboards, Electronic Staplers, Guillotines and more. Every school, college and university has them. Make sure they’re running smoothly. Book in now for a service inspection. Sign up for an annual maintenance program. Maintenance in the long run is a far cheaper option than a costly replacement.


Or, if you are an existing or casual client of Servico, book in now for an annual check-up and cyclical maintenance over the coming summer break. Maybe you haven’t used Servico in the past – now is a good time to call on 9686 8044 and book in for an appointment to assess your current equipment and perhaps review your systems with a Servico Technician.

For Real Estate Agents, this is the busy period. Auctions and House Sales are now in full swing. property advertising and brochureware is required for inspections. Equipment is being pushed along with Folding Machines, Shredders and Guillotines all working overtime. Is it time to replace them? Servico offer a full range of new and some used equipment. New Equipment s all covered by warranty, tested and deemed reliable. The reconditioned equipment is fully restored and in excellent order.


So remember, as a Servico Customer you will receive full service and support, including:

  • Onsite Servicing
  • Full Service Centre Support
  • 48 Hour response
  • Warranty Repairs on most brands
  • Free Advice on Service Options or Replacement Units
  • A full range of branded equipment ready for sale and installation
  • Servico Maintenance Contracts to suit your business needs

At Servico we maintain a broad inventory of spare parts on most makes and models ensuring a speedy and effective turnaround on all repairs for our valued clients.


For all Print Shop operators (Offset and Digital), Mail Houses, Real Estate Offices, Medical Centres, Accounting Practices, Legal Practices, Schools, Colleges (TAFE and Private) always call Servico – 9686 8044 – to ensure you keep your business or organisation running smoothly, Book in a Maintenance Inspection now! You can do so online here and one of our Technicians will get back to you promptly to assist you with your Enquiry.

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