Back to Work – but the Shredder isn’t cooperating. Call Servico!

Yes, it’s been a great break, but now it’s back to work. Schools are prepping for that hectic first week. Real Estate is preparing for the Autumn Sales in late February through to May. The law courts are back humming as are the Printers presses. And with the heat – Medical Surgeries are very busy. This is when your equipment, where not properly maintained, is most likely to fail – when you most need it! But those with a regular maintenance plan with Servico? – it’s always smooth. We keep you running.


Periods of extreme heat cause stress to a lot of equipment (not to mention the operators!)

Shredders, Binders, Folding Machines, Electric Staplers, Guillotines, Laminators and Trimmers all need regular maintenance. Servico specialise in maintaining and repairing a wide range of equipment in this category, with other items also covered such as Electronic Whiteboards. The time equipment tends to fail is when it is under extreme stress, so it’s during periods when the workload is high and your office is entirely dependent on the equipment and its processes that breakdowns occur.


Complicated mechanisms such as those in Folding Machines, Shredders and Binders require a regular maintenance plan. Servico can offer such plans on a whole range of branded equipment. Brands such as Fellowes, Ideal, Royal Sovereign, Ledah, Rexel, Uchida and many more.

Call Servico now on 686 8044 for a free, no obligation consultation on the maintenance of your valuable office and print equipment. Servico services all makes and models and a full range of spare parts are kept on hand at our service centre for speedy repairs.

View our website here


We also offer an excellent range of brand new equipment – Shredders from Dahle and Kobra – Servico is now the exclusive agent in Australia for all Dahle Shredders. Binders – Fellowes, GBC, Qupa and Wiremac, and Laminators – Fellowes and Gold Sovereign – all at highly competitive prices.

Servico also carry a solid range of secondhand and reconditioned units. These units can also be supplied when repairs are being carried out on your machinery for a nominal fee.


Servico are the leading repairers of Specialist Office and Print Equipment here in Melbourne and across Victoria. Don’t wait for breakdowns, don’t suffer downtime.

Make a request here for a Servico Serviceman to provide you with a sensible and affordable annual maintenance plan. Because at Servico our job is to keep you running.

Servico – the name means service.

Remember the number – 03 9686 8044 – Call now!

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