Dahle Shredders – From High Security to Small Office. Clean, Environmentally Sound, Sustainable – from Servico


Now the Dahle Shredder range is available here in Melbourne through Servico, the office equipment company renowned for its high quality service and precision maintenance on a wide range of office equipment – Binders, Guillotines, Folding Machines, Electric Staplers and Shredders.

Servico offer the Dahle range of shredders exclusively and are currently the only outlet offering access to these premium machines.


For your interest here is the current range on offer.

Dahle Shredders

  • Dahle 104 – Intelligent document shredder for deskside use
  • Dahle 106 – A unit perfect for the busy office. Quiet and efficient. Waste collection 60 litres
  • Dahle 403 – A smaller shredder for Deskside application. Crosscut with waste collection of 30L
  • Dahle 406air – Medium sized Shredder. Department size and offers cross cutting. Holds 60 litres of waste
  • Dahle 414air – Offers a crosscut shredding from Dahle – the only ones available on the market. Waste collection 140L
  • Dahle 506air – Also a crosscut shredder, a smaller version, holding 60L of waste paper

dahle shredders

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This week we take a look at the Dahle 406air and the Dahle 414air

Dahle 406air – $1948.85

Shredding capacity: 15-17 sheets (A4 80gsm)
Shred width: 4mm x 40mm
Security levels: P-4/F-1/O-3/T-4/E-3

• User-friendly document shredder for departmental use
• Innovative MHP® (Matrix High Performance) cutters: high-quality compound
steel cutters that are guaranteed to last
• Patented manufacturing process preserves resources by considerable saving
of raw materials compared to a conventional production of cutting cylinders
• Oil and maintenance free operation
• Systematic use of perfectly matched components ensures optimum
functionality and shredding performance
• Clearly designed, user-friendly control panel
• Integrated light barrier for automatic start and stop
• Convenient auto reversing function clears feed opening if overloaded with paper
• Convenient feed and reverse function for manual control
• Motor cuts out automatically when waste bag is full or door is open
• Energy-saving sleep mode after 10 mins at idle and auto shutdown after 30 mins
• Powerful motor for high capacity and longer running times
• Extremely quiet operation for a particularly pleasant working atmosphere
• Separate CD feed opening and waste box for reliable, environmentally friendly shredding
• High-quality wooden cabinet in modern design fits into any office
• Widely opening doors for ease of emptying the waste bag
• Separate main switch for completely shutting down the document shredder
• Practical IEC power connector can be unplugged from the document shredder
• Includes 10 strong waste bags suitable for re-use (Item no. 20707)
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 865 x 545 x 435 mm

Dahle 414air – $3432.29

Shredding capacity: 24-26 sheets (A4 80gsm)
Shred width: 4mm x 40mm
Security levels: P-4/F-1/O-3/T-4/E-3

• User-friendly document shredder for large volumes
• Unique DAHLE CleanTEC® filter system
• Innovative MHP® (Matrix High Performance) cutters: high-quality
compound steel cutters that are guaranteed to last
• Patented manufacturing process preserves resources by
considerable saving of raw materials compared to a conventional
production of cutting cylinders
• Oil and maintenance free operation
• Systematic use of perfectly matched components ensures
optimum functionality and shredding performance
• Clearly designed, user-friendly control panel
• Electronic start-stop function
• Convenient automatic reverse function
• Convenient feed and reverse function
• Automatic motor cut-out
• Energy-saving sleep mode
• Powerful motor
• Extremely quiet operation
• Separate CD feed and waste container
• High-quality wooden cabinet
• Wide-opening doors
• Separate main switch
• IEC power connector
• 11 strong waste bags included
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 890 x 734 x 511 mm

For further information and pricing on all Dahle Shredders please contact our office. Call now on 9686 8044 or leave your details here and one of our friendly staff will contact you ASAP regarding your enquiry.

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Paper – your office – Documents, Flyers, Information

There is much talk of the ‘paperless office’ but in reality it’s just a bit of fiction. Legal documentation, handout flyers and Factsheets, portable manuals, confidential memorandums – the list goes on.

For many businesses, enterprises and service based Government and Semi Government offices, paper is indispensable. It has its purpose. But when finished with, it must be shredded and recycled effectively to both protect business, integrity and proprietary information as well as in doing so ensuring staff health and well being is safeguarded against micro particles and dust in the office environment.

Servico provide a proven and reliable maintenance and repair service for all manner of paper based equipment.

Servico maintain and repair Paper Shredders, Guillotines, Electric Staplers, Binders, Laminators and Paper Folders, and a host of other related equipment.


When business owners contemplate transitioning to complete electronic document management, there is a mistaken belief that this is a fast and affordable process. Not necessarily so. If for the last seven years the business records have been kept partly on paper then the cost of migrating this material to electronic files will be considerable. And some paper processes are just convenient. Agreements, contracts, quotations are all often still delivered on paper.

Visual material for promotion and learning has the added advantage of being a timely encouragement to read the material on the spot. When it’s in your hand and it’s visually enticing you will read it. Brochureware is still very popular. Even downloadable PDFs are often printed for this reason.

The workforce is generally accustomed to paper. It’s a comfortable methodology with employees not being required to learn complex software pathways. It provides a tangible backup to soft copy and online. It’s there when your system is down.


Paper documentation is secure. Whilst employees follow best practices, sensitive information can be kept in its required format, on paper in secure storage. Often legal documents are stored in this fashion. There is no chance of hacking or data theft, no need for encryption.

Using paper and print-outs, colleagues know they have full control of their information and working practices. They also have the security of knowing that they are in possession of physical copies. Removing and expunging material – simply use the shredder! And Servico services a full range of shredders. Top of the line is the Dahle Shredder range, offering security rated shredders and a completely clean operation. Click here for further information.

Office personnel continue to use paper print outs for everyday tasks such as note taking, filling out forms and collating information.

Brainstorming sessions happen with paper. Creative workshops happen with paper. There is a good reason for this. Paper enables being able to generate enthusiasm and the flow of new ideas diagrammatically in a way the small screen can never replicate.


It’s not as linear as a word processor and so it’s easy to be creative simply drawing lines and developing associations between ideas as many seminar facilitators will attest.

So with a whiteboard, butcher paper and hand out briefs, the whole room is on the same page – to coin a phrase.

Paper is professional. Electronic Signatures may have gained momentum over the last few years but the overwhelming number of documentation signatures occur with pen meeting paper. It’s simply more professional and a proven way to sign off on key purchases and legal agreements. Most company executives will nominate ‘wet signatures’ as the status quo, the preferred option.

Paper is recyclable. With efficient branded shredders like Dahle, Rexel, Intimus, Fellowes, Ledah, Ideal and Kobra there is no issue. Recycling is socially responsible, sustainable and makes for smart business. A ton of recycled paper saves 3.3 metres of landfill space. More paper is recovered than glass, aluminium and plastic combined.

Ultimately paper bring certainty. Bank Statements, Insurance Policies and similar documents are generally provided on both paper and softcopy, because both the legal community and many customers prefer paper hard copy.

And ‘snail mail’ has made a very interesting comeback. Direct mail, addressed to a named person with a cover letter is more likely to reach an infrequent contact than email these days. Spam filters, Cloud and the like filter out promotional material or send it to Clutter and Junk. Mistaken identity (email) of the sender means the correspondence often ends up not reaching the intended recipient. A well prepared mail out with brochure, cover letter and addressed envelope will reach the recipient and gain their attention.


So its important that your business maintains its binding machines, paper folders, electronic staplers, shredders and whiteboards. Whiteboards are next to where you put the butchers paper in seminars and conferences. Paper – it’s part of the program. And Servico will service your equipment to ensure that each component is professionally prepared and presented.

Book a service call today or call now on 9686 8044 for an immediate response.

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Printing Works and Print Shops Run 24/7 – Full Services available from Servico

The printing industry has faced many challenges over the last decade. The one constant is that the presses must keep running. And when the job is printed, the finishing processes start. Cutting to size (Guillotines), Folding (Folding Machines), Stapling and Binding – prepared and ready to invoice.

Printing Houses running Offset and Digital equipment around the clock can simply not afford down time because a component machine or piece of equipment fails. With planned maintenance, the right equipment selection and timely repairs, this doesn’t happen. Not on Servico’s watch anyway.

The Print Industry require a broad range of equipment. Collators, Paper Drills, Guillotines, Booklet Makers and Staplers are all vital pieces of equipment when producing catalogues, manuals, training material and promotional packages.

Add to this Paper Folding Machines, Cutters, Creasers, Trimmers and Perforators, then Laminators and Binding Machines and it means Print Businesses have a formidable range of equipment to maintain. When print runs reach the hundreds of thousands, stopping for running repairs is not a healthy option. But if this does happen, rest assured, a call to Servico will be given a prompt response with a quick turnaround assured based on Servico’s access to a full range of branded parts and equipment from a wide selection of suppliers.


Servico service and have access to a full range of parts and equipment for print format equipment from leading brands such as Duplo, Nagel, Rapid, Stago, Plockmatic, Superfax, Uchida, Dumor, Ideal, Dahle, EBA and Morgana.

Servico service the Greater Metropolitan Melbourne area and by pre-arrangement near regional cities and towns.


So if you’re running a printing business – print shop, printing house, digital printing or offset printing, call now on 96868044 and book in for a free consultation on setting up a programmed maintenance plan with Servico. No more downtime! Otherwise simply leave your details here and our friendly staff will arrange a callback or meeting at your convenience.

Remember. In the Printing Industry – Servico – We keep you running!

Servico – When failure is not an option.

Going for a bike ride this weekend? Check these guys out – the best of the best. Sitting on a carbon fibre bike with wheels putting a thumbnail of rubber on the road! Reaching 135km/h!! You are totally dependant on your machine. Failure is not an option. Look over the edge – a 2000ft drop. You are entirely reliant on those maintaining your equipment.

At Servico we keep you running. Binders, Shredders, Folders, Guillotines, Laminators. At speed, you cannot afford a breakdown. Call Servico now on 9686 8044 and book a consultation to set up a workable, reliable maintenance plan for your valuable office equipment. Or leave your details here for a prompt response http://www.servico.com.au/book-a-service-call.html

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