Servico – Precision, Performance, Profitability

This weekend sees the Annual Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park. Take a spin with Lewis Hamilton around the lake on his fastest lap at last year’s event.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 1.49.04 pm

The Formula 1 vehicle is an amazing piece of equipment. Made from lightweight carbon fibre, the car is precision embodied. Onboard computers relay every movement back to trackside pit crew. Nothing is left to chance.

Servico provide you with the same ability. A Servico maintenance program on your valuable office and print shop equipment ensures performance is always at a premium, with equipment maintained to provide precision and reliability.

Whether you’re running a Print shop, a busy Real Estate office, a Law firm, Medical Centre, School or training centre, you simply can’t afford breakdowns. Servico maintain a wide range of office and print equipment – Binding Machines, Folding Machines, Guillotines, Booklet Makers, Laminators, Paper Drills – all your print finishing equipment.

And don’t forget for this month, for March only GET ONE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT SERVICED, HAVE THE SECOND SERVICED FOR FREE! Yes that’s right, service your laminator, have your folding machine or binding machine, or whatever piece of equipment you choose, serviced FREE.

Call now on 9686 8044 and make a booking, or book a service call here

At Servico we keep you running. No expensive downtime and greatly reduce the need for costly repairs.

Servico – the name means service.

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