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For many years Servico have offered the very best in service and maintenance on a wide range of office equipment including Binders, Shredders, Laminators, Electric Staplers, Folding Machines and a host of other equipment – Servico has kept them running smoothly and efficiently.

Well now Servico is entering a new phase in its business activity. You can now buy brand new equipment from Servico online.

A range of Binders, Shredders, Laminators and Refurbished Equipment is now on sale direct to the public via our new Shopping Cart.


You will find a range of Binders – Comb Binders, Wire Binders and Heavy Duty Punches with prices and shipping costs for Capital Cities.


Shredders now available include Kobra Shredders, Fellowes Shredders and Intimus Shredders.


Laminators include Gold Sovereign and Fellowes Pouch Laminators at competitive pricing.

Shipping costs are clearly indicated for Capital Cities and the Gold Coast. Shipping is a standard $25 per item in these locations.

This is the chance to replace outmoded, outdated units and upgrade to the latest units with a mouse click.

Servico offer the same great warranty and service maintenance on most brands. Call now on 96868044 or leave your details here and arrange a service visit.

Over the next few months more items will be added to our shopping cart. Click here to view it now

Servico – We keep you running – Buy now


When you absolutely need a Shredder – Servico

Last week the Federal Government found itself in a very sticky situation. Top Secret confidential files on the NBN were found to be located at the offices of the ABC. The ABC had located them in a Secondhand Furniture Store trading in ex-Government Furniture. Two filing cabinets full of documents remained open and available for months.

Read about it here:

Classified government documents accidentally dumped in Canberra


Head of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Martin Parkinson, ordered an immediate investigation into the security lapse

The Prime Minister’s office has ordered an “urgent” investigation into the dumping of thousands of sensitive documents in old filing cabinets, the contents of which have embarrassed governments past and present.

After days of teasing listeners and fuelling conspiracy theories with cabinet leaks related to both the Rudd and Abbott governments, the ABC revealed it obtained thousands of documents that were found in two old filing cabinets sold to a Canberra shop which sells ex-government furniture.

The filing cabinets sat in the second-hand shop for months. There was no key and the documents were only discovered when the purchaser opened them with a drill.

Found inside the cabinets were thousands of pages related to the inner workings of the five past governments. The leading but unconfirmed theories were the cabinets belonged to either the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet or a bureaucrat who handled Freedom of Information requests.


The Cabinet documents were found in a cabinet sold by the government

[img2: The Cabinet documents were found in a cabinet sold by the government ]

The ABC reports nearly all papers were classified, many as “top secret” or AUSTEO, meaning they were to be seen by Australian Eyes Only.

The head of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Martin Parkinson, ordered an immediate and “urgent” investigation into the security lapse. The ABC has not published some due to national security reasons or to protect the privacy of public servants.

Those published reveal, for example, the Australian Federal Police lost almost 400 national security files between 2008 and 2013.

A review by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, itself included in the cache, shows the documents came from the National Security Committee of Cabinet, many marked “top secret” or for Australian eyes only.

An email exchange does not reveal what the documents detail, how they were lost or who is responsible.


The cabinet leaks

Another revelation is that in 2013, when Labor lost the September election, almost 200 top-secret national security documents were left behind in the office of Labor Senate leader Penny Wong, instead of being destroyed.

The ABC reports the 195 documents “included Middle-East defence plans, national security briefs, Afghan war updates, intelligence on Australia’s neighbours and details of counter-terrorism operations”.

Emails between the Department of Finance and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet from late 2013 reveal security staff found the documents left in the office after the election and oversaw their destruction, the ABC reports.

A spokesman for Senator Wong said the document safe was knowingly left behind in the office because a staffer with the key had departed some weeks earlier. The safe was handed over to the Finance Department and the documents destroyed.


The ABC reports nearly all were classified, many as “top secret” or AUSTEO, meaning they were to be seen by Australian Eyes Only

Senator Wong said “this is the first time I have ever been made aware of this matter, which relates to a change of government over four years ago”.

“As a former cabinet minister who participated in national security meetings, a senior member of shadow cabinet and a current member of the PJCIS I always take my responsibilities seriously.”

Some of the oldest material dates back to the Howard government, including revelations the National Security Committee of cabinet gave serious consideration to removing the right of individuals to refuse to answer questions from police when facing terrorism charges.

Then-attorney-general Philip Ruddock pushed for a range of new offences while an investigation was under way into Indian-born doctor Mohammed Haneef, who was wrongly accused of providing assistance in a 2007 terror attack in Scotland.


Senator Wong said “this is the first time I have ever been made aware of this matter, which relates to a change of government over four years ago”

The Australian Federal Police and ASIO supported Mr Ruddock’s proposal, but it was rejected by the majority of the senior ministers in the National Security Committee. Current ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis, then an adviser to Mr Howard, argued strongly against the proposal.

Other documents confirm that right-wing political commentator Andrew Bolt had been consulted by the Abbott government on proposed changes to water down section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The ABC reports the documents reveal Mr Bolt was asked how to stop the act’s “unreasonably restrictive” reach that led to a successful claim against him for breaching the Act in 2011.

Others reveal Mr Abbott ignored the advice of his department and the Australian Government Solicitor in ordering confidential cabinet documents be handed to the royal commission into the home insulation scheme.


Other documents confirm that right-wing political commentator Andrew Bolt had been consulted by the Abbott government on proposed changes to water down section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Then-secretary Ian Watt told Mr Abbott and his chief-of-staff Peta Credlin the move would break longstanding and strong conventions, which the Abbott government itself had previously reaffirmed.

Already, the blunder has caused embarrassment for Mr Abbott, Scott Morrison and Kevin Rudd.

The ABC has already revealed that as immigration minister, Mr Morrison agreed his department should intervene in ASIO security checks to prevent some asylum seekers from being granted permanent protection visas.

The documents also led to revelations Tony Abbott’s budget committee considered removing eligibility for people under 30 for all income support ahead of the controversial 2014 budget.

On Wednesday, it was reported Mr Rudd was warned about “critical risks” from the deadly home insulation scheme, despite the former prime minister telling a royal commission into the program he would have stopped the rollout if he had been warned of safety risks.


Should have gone to Servico!

Should have got a paper shredder from Servico – whether it’s a Kobra, Intimus, Fellowes, Ideal – large or small – efficient and reliable. [Gain insight and advice – call Servico on 03 9686 8044 and discuss your needs.]

Servico service these brands and carry out warranty repairs as are required. Get the full specifications from our service team, get a great price and ensure your office never ends up being the subject of the Prime Minister’s wrath

Remember Servico will service your equipment on-site within 48 hours. Or if you choose you can deliver your equipment to our workshop located at Unit 19, 44 Sparks Ave, Fairfield, Victoria. But be sure to call first and book an appointment – Monday, Wednesday and Friday are all available usually.


Servico provide full servicing and repair on most makes and models of paper shredding machines and simple shredders. This includes strip cut shredders, micro cut shredders and cross cut shredders. Check out our website for details here.


Printing Works – Digital and Offset

When printing in volume there is no room for equipment breakdowns or failure. Printing in runs of 10,000 to 500,000 units requires a degree of automation most small businesses do not experience.

The key to ensuring that equipment does not fail at a critical point is programmed maintenance on all major equipment. Servico offer annual maintenance programs on most major brands of Guillotines, Paper Folders, Laminators, Binders and Electric Staplers.

In providing regular inspection, maintenance and support your equipment performs to its optimum level. In doing so Servico can ensure that costly breakdowns just simply don’t occur 99% of the time.


Major brands such as Fellowes, Dahle, Ledah and Ideal recognise this and recommend regular scheduled maintenance and testing. As authorised warranty repairers for these brands but also for Rexel, Kobra Shredders and Infostop, we provide a full service and maintenance schedule for all the equipment manufactured and sold by these well-known brands. Beyond the warranty period Servico can advise on a sensible maintenance and inspection program and if replacement is required, our service personnel can recommend suitable equipment for your needs and your budget.

Abstract-rainbow-wallpapers-hd-wallpaper-d-abstract-wallpapers-83918240 copy

Do you use Folding Machines? Servico are qualified to repair and service all paper folding machines. Again, we repair Ledah, Ideal and Superfax brand folding machines as well as Plus, Duplo & Uchida.

Servico also does full repairs and maintenance on all makes and models of Paper Drills. We service Uchida, Rexel, Challenger and Carl paper drills as well as Lihit, Nagel & Stago.

Paper Trimmers are also included in our full range of servicing and repair options. Trimming machines serviced include Neolt, GBC, Fellowes, Carl, Dahle and Jastek brands.


Servico provide servicing on Hole Punch equipment as well as repairs. Brands serviced include Esselte, Marbig, Carl, Open and Acme.

And of course, Servico also provides repair and maintenance on Electronic Staplers and Mechanical Staplers. Brands serviced include Rapid, Rexel, Elmers, Ledah, Arrow, Skrebba, Swingline, Stanley, Nagel and Novus Staplers.


And so when you find out your equipment is past its use by date and cannot be repaired? When the price of a repair outweighs a simple replacement? Ask Servico what is the best option for replacement. Servico can offer a range of both new and second hand fully restored equipment to suit your needs. Second hand replacement equipment is kept on hand, but naturally stock is limited and subject to availability of these fully reconditioned equipment items.

Whatever the issue, Servico will keep you running with a cost effective, sensible solution. Call 03 9686 8044 for a quick response. Or book online

Servico – the name says it all.

Servico – Keeping Printing Businesses Running 24/7

For many years Servico has provided unequalled service to the Print Industry. Printing Houses running Offset and Digital equipment around the clock can simply not afford down time because a component machine or piece of equipment fails. With planned maintenance, the right equipment selection and timely repairs, this doesn’t happen. Not on Servico’s watch anyway.

The Print Industry require a broad range of equipment. Collators, Paper Drills, Guillotines, Booklet Makers and Staplers are all vital pieces of equipment when producing catalogues, manuals, training material and promotional packages.

Add to this Paper Folding Machines, Cutters, Creasers, Trimmers and Perforators, then Laminators and Binding Machines and it means Print Businesses have a formidable range of equipment to maintain. When print runs reach the hundreds of thousands, stopping for running repairs is not a healthy option. But if this does happen, rest assured, a call to Servico will be given a prompt response with a quick turnaround assured based on Servico’s access to a full range of branded parts and equipment from a wide selection of suppliers.



Servico service and have access to a full range of parts and equipment for print format equipment from leading brands such as Duplo, Nagel, Rapid, Stago, Plockmatic, Superfax, Uchida, Dumor, Ideal, Neopost, EBA and Morgana.

Servico service the Greater Metropolitan Melbourne area and by pre-arrangement near regional cities and towns.


So if you’re running a printing business – print shop, printing house, digital printing or offset printing, call now on 96868044 and book in for a free consultation on setting up a programmed maintenance plan with Servico. No more downtime! Otherwise simply leave your details here and our friendly staff will arrange a callback or meeting at your convenience.

Remember. In the Printing Industry – Servico – We keep you running!

Back to Work – Start the Year with a real Flyer

The holidays for many are over either this week or next week. Back to work and yes it is a bit quiet. So it’s time to let your customers and clients know you’re back with a great offer or a reminder of your services.

The office staff all say ‘What about an email blast?’. To which you should say ‘That’s so 2010!’

Why? Because 99% of businesses these days operate with ‘Spam Filters’, ‘Clutter’ files on Microsoft Outlook or Cloud pages that filter out advertising material. And then often, promotional emails will be labelled junk because the copy includes images – jpegs, gifs or pngs.


The best option is a quick and effective mail-out using your business’s in-house capability. Create your high resolution, coloured Flyer. Prepare your envelopes with address labels. Create a personal addressed cover letter. Fold all items (need a folding machine? Contact Servico) for delivery, stuff the envelopes and deliver to the Post Office for dispatch.

Offer some form of encouragement – a discount, a new product, a new service, or simply a recognition of your business valuing its customers – individually.

Either way, incorporate a ‘call to action’ and an ‘offer’. This is a marketing exercise and essentially it’s communication with your client base that maintains and enhances your business relationship and activity.


Create a similar campaign on Social Media, but remember – Facebook dislikes reams of text. Ensure that your website reflects your offer and call to action.

And remember, your brand is only as good as the last interaction you and your client have experienced. Keep an eye on Google reviews, Facebook reviews and comments and similar public or open comment forums. Don’t be too panicked by negative input. No-one expects a business to be perfect. But it’s really important that your business is responsive – and seen to be responsive! Deal with such postings and restore your customer relations with those clients that are unhappy.


Stay tuned, the new shopping cart is well underway and should be operational this month. Til next week – have a great week and – welcome back.

Servico – now to be available online

Servico have for over 20 years provided premium service on a full range of premium specialist office Equipment – Binders, Shredders, Laminators, Electric Whiteboards, Folding Machines, Paper Drills, Trimmers, Hole Punches, Electric Staplers and more. From January 2018, customers visiting our website will have the opportunity to purchase a range of this equipment online, yet still receive the same service, consideration and expertise Servico has always provided.

So whether you run a Printing Shop (offset), a Real Estate Agency, a School or Training Centre, a Government or Local Government office, a Church or Not for Profit organisation or really any sort of business requiring Hard Copy documentation, Brochureware, Imagery or Posters, you can now select the equipment of your choice quickly and easily online.

For friendly advice and information please call our office on 03 9686 8044. Manager Phil Milides or one of his trained staff will get back to you ASAP.

Here are some of the items to be available for sale. There will be quite a range.

QupaS160_280pxQupa S160 Comb Binder

  • Plastic comb
  • Punch capacity 25 sheets
  • Manual operation
Binding capacity 500 sheets
  • Adjustable margin
Disengageable punches

K+1-280pxKobra +1 CC4 Shredder

  • Cross cut 3.5x40mm
  • 230mm throat width
A4 sheet capacity 70g-12/14, 80g-10/12
  • Security level DIN 32757 = 3
  • Security level DIN 66399 = P-4 T-4 E-3 F-1
Also shreds: credit cards, film

GoldSovereign_GSA3HS_photo-280pxGold Sovereign A3HS Laminator

  • Max width 320mm
  • 1 min preheat
  • Speed up to 200cm/min

Check in over the next few weeks for launch scheduling of our Shopping Cart. We choose to use PayPal as it is quick, reliable and secure. Provide your credit card details and the units will be dispatched within 7 days.

Take a look also at our reconditioned and revitalised equipment. Second hand but expertly refurbished. These items will be one-offs. Once sold – they’re gone.

For further information on any of our products, maintenance services or warranty services, please leave your contact details here and our service team will get back to you promptly.

At Servico we know what it takes to keep you running

Servico, the name means service

The Office Mailout – Make it easy with Servico

It’s a familiar scene. Time for the annual mailout. Or the term mailout. It’s done via the post. Why? Because now an addressed letter via ‘snailmail’ has more chance of reaching your intended recipient than an unsolicited email which will be stopped at Cloud level or be sidelined to Junk or Clutter in their email inbox. Stringent privacy regulations have ensured this. If you or your business are not currently on the recipients email database – you will not reach them via email.

A-Sunday-Afternoon-on-the-Island-of-La-Grande-Jatte-Office-Style-the-office-22112286-1600-1200 copy

So it’s a big event. Staff come in on a Saturday morning. Letters are to be folded, envelopes prepared with stickers – addresses and return addresses. Brochures and letters stuffed into envelopes and the finished mail-out boxed and ready fort the Post Office. Leaflets and letters have been printed at the local print shop.

Let’s make this a lot easier. No need for a Saturday Barbecue and staff giving up their time. First either print in house and then fold, or have a print shop print and fold. Get your envelopes prepared with a third party supplier with your return address printed on the envelope. Set up your printer to produce address labels from a database of all recipients.

You need:

  • Colour Printer
  • Folding Machine
  • Envelopes
  • Labels – using Mail Merge
  • Brochure

There are a number of Folding Machines suitable for this task available through Servico. The Superfax PF340 is a good starting point according to Manager Phil Milides.

If you choose to produce your flier or brochure ‘in house’ consider the range of Paper Guillotines, Trimmers and other items available through Servico. These include Business Card Cutters, Creaser Folders, Creaser Perforators, Booklet Makers and other products. Make it quick, reliable and easy – no labour intensive Saturdays wasting your time anymore. Finally you must get rid of the excess material or older out of date printer matter. Time for Shredders – Kobra, Intimus, Fellowes, Ideal – for large or small units and applications. All provide efficient and reliable service.

Call now on 03 9686 8044 or contact us here.

Servico – the name means service

Servico – The Right Decision for Maintenance and Service

Servico specialise in servicing and maintaining a range of Office Equipment used by many businesses. From Binders, Shredders, Laminators, Electronic Staplers, Folding Machines, Guillotines to Whiteboards, Servico keeps them running. Servico carry out Warranty Maintenance and repairs on major brands such as Uchida, Rexel, Royal Sovereign and many more.

all brands

Presenting your business, service or organisation in today’s world means being equipped for the job. Why not talk to our team about putting an office package together that enables you to do it yourself, in house at a fraction of the cost of having a third party produce your materials.

Servico have created packages for Real Estate Offices, Medical Centres, Schools, TAFEs and Training Centres, Government Offices such as Police, Local Government Offices and church groups.

With a Laminator, Binding Machine, Folding Machine, Guillotine and Electric Stapler it’s possible to print and prepare photo displays, create multiple copies of manuals and advertising material, prepare mailouts and much more.

With Servico, our staff get to know and understand your business, meaning we can help and advise you on what may assist you with your unique requirements. With over 20 years experience in servicing all sorts of businesses from Print Shops to Legal Offices, Servico are uniquely positioned to provide real expertise and assistance.

Book now for Christmas Summer break maintenance on all your valuable equipment. You can call Servico on 03 9686 8044 or book a service call on the Servico website. Set yourself up perfectly for the next year’s activity, confident that you are equipped, functional and can rely on all your office systems during your busiest times. This especially applies to Schools, TAFEs, Training Centres and University Departments where January and February sees enrolments and preparation for the first semester.

You can rely on Servico to keep you running

Servico – The name means service

Servico provide premium service

Servico specialise in maintaining, repairing and selling a full range of premium, required office equipment. Servico covers full warranty service on a number of well known brands of Paper Shredders, Document Binders, Paper Folders, Paper Guillotines, Hole Punches and Electric Staplers. The Servico team also provide service, repairs, maintenance and sales on a range of well known whiteboards.


Phillip Milides, manager of Servico, has over 20 years experience in carrying out intricate and precise repairs to a wide range of equipment. He commenced work for the previous owners of Servico as a young man, purchased the business and has now moved the workshop and shopfront from South Melbourne to Northcote in this last year.

Servico guarantee full service calls within 48 hours of receiving an enquiry. This may entail removing the equipment to the Servico Workshop and then waiting for parts to arrive. Often the Servico team can provide a replacement during the time repairs are undertaken.


Servico’s customer base includes medical Clinics, Legal Firms, Real Estate Offices, Primary and Secondary Schools, Government Agencies such as Police and other Emergency Services, TAFE Colleges and Universities and Printing Shops. If you produce or store documents in hard copy, you will need Servico to ensure the smooth running of your office and its valuable equipment.

Servico service all makes and models – familiar brands like Fellowes, Ledah, Uchida, Rexel, Royal Sovereign, Rapid, Dahle and many, many more.

Abstract-rainbow-wallpapers-hd-wallpaper-d-abstract-wallpapers-83918240 copy

So whether you’re running a print shop, a real estate office or a medical clinic, make sure you don’t experience unnecessary downtime.

Call now on 9686 8044 and ask your friendly Servico Serviceman to book a time to visit your premises to assess your needs and provide a solid, sensible maintenance plan.


Or go to the Servico Website and book a service call through our online form. Take the time to browse our website and find out more about what Servico can do for you and your business.

Servico – for business equipment, office and print room servicing, all repairs and quality replacement equipment.

Servico – The name means service.

Servico – we’re here to serve you!

Its coming into Spring proper now and that’s the time of year when Real Estate Agents start to present property on the market. Its the time traditionally where listings become Sales!

Each property is photographed, copy written and a full advertising and marketing plan is developed – specific to each property. High resolution photographs are laminated and placed in the Agency windows. Informational flyers are prepared for potential buyers. And more Flyers are letterbox dropped encouraging people to list their properties with most of this material still prepared on – Paper!


So make sure those binders, laminators, electric staplers , guillotines and folding machines are all in tip-top shape, ready to perform during your busiest period of the year. Book a service call now on 9686 8044 and make sure you’re a smooth operator!

Perhaps the time has come to trade up to a newer model. Servico can source all the better brands of equipment – Fellowes, Ledah, Dahle, Kobra, Rexel and many other brands.

all brands

Nobo, Uchida, Rapid, Royal Sovereign, Prima, Ideal and more – yes we not only service them – we sell them and get the right price for you and your business.

So if it’s a new Binder you need call us now. We can access Fellowes, Renz, Kupa, we offer folders from Ledah, Superfax and Duplo as well as Laminators from Gold Sovereign, Fellowes and Emseal.


The Servico team understand precision and what it takes to get the very best out of your equipment when you need it.

Let’s hope for a very successful Real Estate Spring and many ‘SOLD’ stickers on all those listed properties.

So if there’s any doubt, any slight hindrance, don’t hesitate to call Servico now on 96868044 and book a call out. Or leave your details here on our website

Because it’s our job to ‘keep you running’. Servico, the name means service