Schools! Holiday time? It’s time to Service and Maintain your equipment.

This year the Autumn School Holidays commence on April 6th and continue through with schools returning on the 22nd of April. A great time to prepare for the next semester. A time to book in maintenance and repairs on your valuable print and paper processing equipment – Binders, Shredders, Electric Staplers, Folders, Whiteboards and Guillotines with Servico – we keep you running.

With up to 1100–1200 students at some High Schools, and most Primary Schools having enrolments of 300–600, this puts extra stress on all such equipment. Now is a very good time to schedule maintenance and inspection on all such items with Servico. Call now and schedule a visit from our qualified service personnel on 03 9686 8044 or send us a message through our online booking form.


It’s stress free and means that this new term you know the equipment is going to function without fault right through until next term break. And guess what? You can schedule your next maintenance call for that period ensuring you experience trouble free, productive time from all your hard working equipment. If you’re not sure whether we can service your equipment or office machines – call us – we service all makes and models.


If your equipment reaches the end of its useful or productive life, our Servico Technicians can indicate a suitable replacement unit, negotiate a great deal for you and have your new unit ready and functioning for the new school term. Again we often carry fully reconditioned, high quality, second hand equipment which may suit your organisation’s individual needs.

We service major brands such as Fellowes, Dahle, Ledah and Ideal. Servico are fully qualified and accredited Warranty Repairers for a wide range of brands including Rexel, Dahle and Kobra Shredders and Infostop.

all brands

Other brands included… For Electronic and Mechanical Staplers – Rapid, Excel, Elmers, Ledah, Nagel and Novus Staplers. For Paper Trimmers – Neolt, GBC, Fellowes, Carl, Dahle and Jastek. For Electronic Whiteboards, Servico service and repair all Whiteboards – again if you’re not sure call us on 03 9686 8044 and enquire regarding all office equipment (no PCs or copiers please).


Servico, the name means service.


Servico – Real Service, Real Expertise.

At Servico, our technicians are highly skilled in the maintenance of a wide range of office equipment. Equipment that ensures your business, your enterprise, or your training continues successfully without interruption or disruption.

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For Real Estate Agencies, the Spring Auction Season is in full swing. New brochures, new spec sheets. Letterbox drops and Auction Day materials. Folding machines, binders, guillotines and electric staplers are all being pushed along under extreme pressure.




A breakdown now just isn’t required. The best remedy or precaution to ensure no breakdowns during your busiest season is to sign up to a regular maintenance plan with Servico. Intricate complicated machinery requires proper maintenance, oiling and some replacements on a regular basis.


And with the materials produced, once the property is sold, it’s time for the shredder. Servico now have exclusive access to the Dahle range of shredders.

For your information here are 6 selected models that may suit your requirements.

Dahle Shredders

  • Dahle 106 – A unit perfect for the busy office. Quiet and efficient. Waste collection 60 litres
  • Dahle 114 – For high volume document shredding. Waste collection 140L
  • Dahle 403 – A smaller shredder for Deskside application. Crosscut with waste collection of 30L
  • Dahle 406air – Medium sized Shredder. Department size and offers cross cutting. Holds 60 litres of waste
  • Dahle 414air – Offers a crosscut shredding from Dahle – the only ones available on the market. Waste collection 140L
  • Dahle 506 – Also a crosscut shredder, a smaller version, holding 60L of waste paper

dahle shredders.jpg

logo dahle

For Schools, Training Venues, TAFE Colleges and Universities, it’ also a busy time preparing for and conducting end of year examinations. Again there is no margin for error. With many items to be printed, collated, presented, corrected and assessed, equipment performance is premium. Ensure that a full maintenance program is in place. Servico can provide a sensible plan that will suit curriculum planning and ensure smooth operation.


Call now on 9686 8044 or leave your details here and one of our friendly staff will contact you ASAP regarding your enquiry.


Remember Servico – the name means service.

We keep you running.

Book in your Service and Maintenance requirements – Servico, we keep you running

At Servico we acknowledge it’s School Holidays. Did you book your maintenance on your valuable and important equipment prior to the start of Term 2?

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Schools, Libraries and Higher Learning institutions such as TAFEs, Universities and Training Colleges depend upon equipment such as Shredders, Binders, Folding Machines, Whiteboards, Electric Staplers and Guillotines. Next term from the 30th of June until the 15th of July, schedule a Servico service and maintenance and ensure no costly or time wasting breakdowns.


Servico offer full service and support. Become a Servico customer and enjoy:

  • Onsite Servicing
  • Full Service Centre Support
  • 48 Hour Response
  • Warranty Repairs on most brands
  • Free Advice on Service options or Replacement products
  • A range of new branded equipment ready for sale and installation
  • Servico contracts to suit your business needs.

Servico maintain an inventory of spare parts on most makes and models ensuring a speedy and effective turnaround for all our clients.


So whether you’re running a busy print Shop (Offset or Digital), a Mail House, a Real Estate Office, Medical Centre, Legal Office or a School or Training Centre, remember Servico – 96868044 – are just a call away. Or use our website contact form here and we will contact you and make an appointment that suits your timing and needs.

The Servico Website offers a range of products ready for purchase as well as a wide range of reconditioned and recommissioned Office and Print Shop equipment that may well be suitable for your ongoing needs.

Remember, at Servico, the name means service – We keep you running.


Shredders – Who doesn’t need one?

The Shredder – such a great tool. Ask Donald Trump or Barnaby Joyce. Any decent spy thriller movie these days features a shredder.

So should your office. Instead of creating your own waste paper dump ready to do a Visyboard anytime soon and go up in smoke, casting a pall of smoke over suburban Melbourne, get a shredder.

At Servico now you can replace your old shredder with a modern, efficient unit from any number of well known brands and sizes.

Here’s our selection – go to our online store and make your selection.

Kobra Shredders

Fellowes Shredders

Intimus Shredders

Servico provide full warranty service on all these items as per manufacturers instruction.

As well if your existing shredder needs maintenance or repairs, Servico provide a quick and efficient maintenance service for most makes and models of commercial shredders.

Call now on 03 9686 8044 to book for a call out for maintenance and service on all your office and printing equipment – Binders, Shredders, Laminators, Staplers, guillotines, Folders and much more.

coloured-paper-and-servico-logoOr leave your details here and book in a time to drop off your equipment. Alternatively, one of our friendly staff members will call you back to book a suitable time for our servicemen to call on you.

Servico – Remember, the name means service.

We keep you running