Paper – First base in your office

For most businesses, a paperless office is Science Fiction. Generally all final documents are preferred in hard copy. It’s simply convenient and is a good physical record of what is actually being signed off, agreed to or reported. With paper.


Servico maintain and repair Paper Shredders, Guillotines, Electric Staplers, Binders, Laminators and Paper Folders, and a host of other related equipment.

When business owners contemplate transitioning to complete electronic document management, there is a mistaken belief that this is a fast and affordable process. Not necessarily so. If for the last seven years the business records have been kept on paper then the cost of migrating this material to electronic files will be considerable. And some paper processes are just convenient. Agreements, contracts, quotations are all often still delivered on paper.

Visual material for promotion and learning has the added advantage of being a timely encouragement to read the material on the spot. When it’s in your hand and it’s visually enticing you will read it. Brochureware is still very popular.

The workforce is generally accustomed to paper. It’s a comfortable methodology with employees not being required to learn complex software pathways. It provides a tangible backup to soft copy and online. It’s there when your system is down.

Paper documentation is secure. Whilst employees follow best practices, sensitive information can be kept in its required format, on paper in secure storage. Often legal documents are stored in this fashion. There is no chance of hacking or data theft, no need for encryption. (Binders are therefore an office necessity).

Using paper and print-outs, colleagues know they have full control of their information and working practices. They also have the security of knowing that they are in possession of physical copies. Removing and expunging material – simply use the shredder! And Servico services a full range of shredders.

Office personnel continue to use paper print outs for everyday tasks such as note taking, filling out forms and collating information.


Brainstorming sessions happen with paper. Creative workshops happen with paper. There is a good reason for this. Paper enables being able to generate enthusiasm and the flow of new ideas diagrammatically in a way the small screen can never replicate.

It’s not as linear as a word processor and so it’s easy to be creative simply drawing lines and developing associations between ideas as many seminar facilitators will attest.

So with a whiteboard, butcher paper and hand out briefs, the whole room is on the same page – to coin a phrase.

Paper is professional. Electronic Signatures may have gained momentum over the last few years but the overwhelming number of documentation signatures occur with pen meeting paper. It’s simply more professional and a proven way to sign off on key purchases and legal agreements. Most company executives will nominate ‘wet signatures’ as the status quo, the preferred option.

Paper is recyclable. With efficient branded shredders like Rexel, Intimus, Fellowes, Ledah, Ideal and Kobra there is no issue. Recycling is socially responsible, sustainable and makes for smart business. A ton of recycled paper saves 3.3 metres of landfill space. More paper is recovered than glass, aluminium and plastic combined.

Ultimately paper bring certainty. Bank Statements, Insurance Policies and similar documents are generally produced on paper, because both the legal community and many customers prefer paper hard copy.


And ‘snail mail’ has made a very interesting comeback. Direct mail, addressed to a named person with a cover letter is more likely to reach an infrequent contact than email these days. Spam filters, Cloud and the like filter out promotional material or send it to Clutter and Junk. Mistaken identity (email) of the sender means the correspondence often ends up not reaching the intended recipient. A well prepared mail out with brochure, cover letter and addressed envelope will.

So its important that your business maintains its binding machines, paper folders, electronic staplers, shredders and whiteboards. Whiteboards are next to where you put the butchers paper in seminars and conferences. Paper – it’s part of the program. And Servico will service your equipment to ensure that each component is professionally prepared and presented.

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Where Service Matters

Servico provide a full range of Equipment servicing. By providing regular inspection, maintenance and support, your equipment performs to its optimum level. Prevention is always better than cure and with regular servicing, Servico can ensure that costly breakdowns just simply don’t occur 99% of the time.

Major brands such as Fellowes, Dahle, Ledah and Ideal recognise this and recommend regular scheduled maintenance and testing. As authorised warranty repairers for these brands but also for Rexel, Kobra Shredders and Infostop, we provide a full service and maintenance schedule for all the equipment manufactured and sold by these well-known brands. Beyond the warranty period Servico can advise on a sensible maintenance and inspection program and if replacement is required, our service personnel can recommend suitable equipment for your needs and your budget.

Do you use Folding Machines? Servico are qualified to repair and service all paper folding machines. Again, we repair Ledah, Ideal and Superfax brand folding machines as well as Plus, Duplo & Uchida.

Servico also does full repairs and maintenance on all makes and models of Paper Drills. We service Uchida, Rexel, Challenger and Carl paper drills as well as Lihit, Nagel & Stago.

Paper Trimmers are also included in our full range of servicing and repair options. Trimming machines serviced include Neolt, GBC, Fellowes, Carl, Dahle and Jastek brands.

Servico provide servicing on Hole Punch equipment as well as repairs. Brands serviced include Esselte, Marbig, Carl, Open and Acme.

And of course, Servico also provides repair and maintenance on Electronic Staplers and Mechanical Staplers. Brands serviced include Rapid, Rexel, Elmers, Ledah, Arrow, Skrebba, Swingline, Stanley, Nagel and Novus Staplers.

And so when you find out your equipment is past its use by date and cannot be repaired? When the price of a repair outweighs a simple replacement? Ask Servico what is the best option for replacement. Servico can offer a range of both new and second hand fully restored equipment to suit your needs. Second hand replacement equipment is kept on hand, but naturally stock is limited and subject to availability of these fully reconditioned equipment items.

Whatever the issue, Servico will keep you running with a cost effective, sensible solution. Call 03 9686 8044 for a quick response. Or book online

Servico – the name says it all.

Servico – Office Equipment Servicing and Repairs

At Servico we understand what it means when that critical piece of equipment stops functioning. Just one link in the chain and the workflow can stop. Or that major order in your print shop is delayed and your reputation is damaged. Or you’re sitting there with Sales staff and support staff ready to conference and you push that button for the whiteboard? Nothing! All of this is a perfect introduction to regular maintenance and servicing. We can be there and effect your repairs quickly, but nothing works better than regular scheduled maintenance and testing.

As well as being authorised warranty repairers for Fellowes, Dahle and Ledah equipment, Servico now are authorised service agents for Paper Handling Equipment, Rexel, Kobra Shredders and Infostop.

Servico repair and maintain Fellowes, Qupa and Rexel binding machines.

For shredders we repair and maintain leading brands Rexel, Intimus, Fellowes, Ledah, Ideal and now Kobra units, so there is no reason to wait for action.

Laminators are also well covered. Servico repair and service all types of paper lamination equipment – hot laminators, roll laminators, pouch laminators and cold laminators. Machine brands and equipment serviced by Servico include Ledah, GMP, GBC, Rexel, Gold Sovereign and Lowell laminators.

Whiteboards and Projectors, Servico can assist with service, maintenance and repairs on NEC, Toshiba and Panasonic electronic whiteboards.

As well Servico provide servicing and repairs for Booklet Makers, Creasers, Collators, Business Card Cutters, Folding and Inserting Machines and letter openers.

And there are many other items we provide a full servicing, maintenance and repair service on – if you’re not sure call us and we will be happy to provide you with advice, information and guidance.

Call now on 96868044 or book online – we are only too happy to help.

Servico – our name means service


Welcome to Servico

profile-picWelcome to Servico and our latest news. For this week this is our latest news! From now on check this weekly to find useful information and handy tips on maintaining, repairing and keeping all your office equipment – Binders, Laminators, Shredders, Guillotines, Electronic Whiteboards, Overhead Projectors, Electric Staplers, Folding Machines, Trimmers, Paper Drills and Hole Punches – Yes all of the above, running and in good working order.

Servico ensures that your office, print shop or agency is running at optimum performance. You’re a smooth operator with Servico – just like our customers such as the Victorian Police, The Justice Department, Banks, Telco’s, Sensis, Salmat and Shop Printing – all dependent on equipment working at its peak and providing optimal service to their clients.

Servico provides options. For breakdowns we are there promptly. We provide regular scheduled servicing of all equipment with full support in terms of advice or replacements and ongoing service options. Servico can provide access to a full range of quality replacement items and specialise in warranty repairs for Fellowes, Dahle and Ledah equipment.

Servico recently moved its offices and workshop from South Melbourne to new premises at 44 Sparks Ave, Fairfield, Victoria 3078.

Make sure to ring on 03 9686 8044 and make an appointment if you intend coming out on a Monday, Wednesday of Friday. Our preferred days for Service Centre visits are on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am and 5pm.

Or better still book a service call and we will come to you. Here’s a link to the form on our website.

Servico has been servicing your equipment non-stop since 1995. Owner and Service Manager Phillip Milides has been with the business now for over 20 years. Quick, reliable and competitive – call us anytime – and your business will never stop running.

Servico, the name means service.