In a bind over your Binder? – Call Servico now

At the Marketing and Branding Company, documentation is a most important component of its business practice. Marketing Director Michael Nelthorpe insists on properly prepared, bound copies of all documents. Recently the company’s Binding Machine failed to function. Servico came to the rescue with a fully functional reconditioned binding machine by Wiremac, an older model that completely suited their requirements.


Servico keep a range of pre-loved, fully restored equipment, available for specifically this purpose. Whethers it’s Binders, Shredders, Folders, Laminators or a host of other items, you know you can depend on Servico to provide timely repairs, full maintenance, a replacement unit or advice and direction on the right equipment to replace your faulty unit, as well as provide a sensible price that you can afford.

“Servico are there, ready to help – I simply contact Phillip Milides or his staff and without fail they provide timely assistance that keeps our business running” said Michael Nelthorpe “His prices are fair and he responds very quickly. Sometimes there may be a delay when third parties supply replacement parts, but generally the Servico team keep stocks on most popular models and equipment.”

So whether you’re running a busy Marketing Agency, a Graphic Design Studio, a Print Shop or a combination of all three, Servico is the company for all your high use office equipment, such as Guillotines, Shredders, Binders, Laminators, Trimmers, Folding Machines and more.

Keep your costs down. Do the task in house. Whether you’re in Real Estate, Training, Education or Printing – Keep the show on the road and Never Stop Running. Servico – The name says it all.

Call now on 03 9686 8044 and book an appointment. Our friendly staff will visit your office and provide you with a full maintenance program on your existing equipment as well schedule and cost any new equipment that may assist you.

Or use our website contact form here and request a callback. At Servico we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Become a Smooth Operator. Real Expertise with real Value. Servico, the name you can trust.


Digital Printing on Glass – on the world’s biggest Digital Printer!

Dip-Tech, known for its innovative printed glass designs, is now in the Guinness record books


Exterior of Harlem Hospital in Manhattan (Photo credit: Courtesy Dip-Tech)

The world’s authority on world records, Guinness, has awarded an Israeli company a record for the world’s largest digital printer. That winner — Kfar Sava-based Dip-Tech, which does digital printing on glass and ceramics, often in huge displays.

The Dip-Tech AR18000 printer can print a single pane of glass with a total area of up to 64 meters square (690 feet square). There are only two such printers in the world. Made in Israel, the Dip-Tech printers are owned and operated by sedak GmbH & Co. KG of Germany and Tianjin Northglass Industrial Co., Ltd in China. The Guinness World Records organization, which has been the acknowledged arbiter on the world’s biggest and best since 1955, presented Dip-Tech with the award last week.

Dip-Tech has always been an aficionado of big printers. Using large-size printers is the only way to produce the artful designs and images the company has become known for. Dip-Tech’s methods have been used to design malls, hospitals, office buildings, and universities around the world – bringing a touch of the magic of printed glass, which looks similar to stained glass, to a new generation.

Digital glass printing works the same as digital paper printing: An image is sent to the printer, which then gets transferred into the glass. The system is actually a bit more involved, because after the printing, the glass must be dried, and then tempered in a furnace.

Dip-Tech’s digital printing solution includes special inks the company has developed, said Tevet. The digital ceramic inks are made out of nano particles of glass and inorganic pigments, with the ink infused into the glass by the end of the process. After the tempering process, the ink becomes a part of the glass, meaning that it can stand up to any weather and environment conditions without fading. “Our printing solution allows the user to print a wide scale of colors, all in one pass. This is an exceptional capability when it comes to glass,” which usually requires much more intensive processing, said Shlomit Niva Tevet, Dip-Tech’s Director of Marketing.


Dip-Tech’s printed glass ‘curtain’ at O’Hare Airport (Photo credit: Courtesy Dip-Tech)

Besides producing printed glass for aesthetic purposes, printed glass can be used for other functions – such as controlling sunlight through car windshields to prevent too much heat from coming through as the sun shines through the glass. Dip-Tech’s unique inks, said Tevet, can do that, too: “We are the only company in the world to produce ceramic ink with so many color possibilities for digital printed glass.” In addition, Tevet said, “our printing solution provides the accuracy – and color matching capabilities – that meet up to the severe standards of professionals in the industry.”


Exterior of Moscow’s Afimall, the largest in Russia (Photo credit: Courtesy Dip-Tech)

Dip-Tech’s glass can be seen in many places, like Chicago O’Hare International Airport’s newly refurbished Terminal 5, where the company produced a 4,000 square foot (370 square meter) “curtain” of digital ceramic printed glass designed to make the experience of going through security checkpoints more pleasant and aesthetic, along with beautifying the entire terminal, said Greg Saroka, president of Goldray Industries, the architecture firm that worked on the terminal. “We worked through all the various color and design options until one met all expectations. Using the Dip-Tech solution, we were then able to fabricate this highly comprehensive, detailed project exactly how it was conceptualized and drawn by the architects,” he said.

Dip-Tech glass is also on display in the facade of Harlem Hospital in New York City. The building was refurbished several years ago, and to strike a dramatic note, the exterior of the building was decorated with a glass mural facade, duplicating works of art that depict the struggle of southern US slaves for freedom. The glass was made to specifications by manufacturer PPG Industries of Pittsburgh — using Dip-Tech’s equipment. The result: A set of murals that appear painted into the windows, with 429 individually printed panes of glass giving viewers a lesson in history and an appreciation of art — and the building has become a tourist attraction.


Dip-Tech’s AR18000, the world’s largest digital flatbed printer (Photo credit: Courtesy Dip-Tech)

CEO Yariv Matzliach announced the record at the glasstec 2014 show, which took place in Dusseldorf, Germany this week. Commenting on the Guinness award, he said, “It is a great honor for Dip-Tech to join the elite group of achievers named as World Record title holders. We share our celebration with sedak and Tianjin Northglass, the pioneering first users of these record-breaking printers.”



From Shredders to Staplers, from Binders to Laminators, Servico have the best equipment available for your needs. Visit our website and discover a world of useful equipment to suit your needs. Because at Servico – We keep you running.

Servico and Office Equipment – The name means SERVICE

Running a Real Estate Agency? Perhaps a busy Law Practice? Or a medical clinic open for 12 hours a day with attached services such as Pathology, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy or a Pharmacy? Chances are you print a lot of materials – reports, flyers, contracts and other documents. If that’s so you need Servico – we keep you running.


As you walk past the Real Estate Office you see row upon row of laminated photographs all with neat copy and information. Rent or buy, it’s the same. All produced in house via colour printer, laminated, cropped and cut to fit the display. Then when sold or let? The material is shredded. It’s constant. Breakdown? Maintenance? Servico. Call Servico – constant service and advice. Economical, dependable. No down time or stoppages with Servico.

Legal Practices deal with a myriad of issues. From Conveyancing through to Magistrate Court appearances. Commercial Litigation to Family Law. Documents, in triplicate, printed, bound, laminated – in house. And often shredded at the end of some matters with a file record kept. Again your office is one that can’t afford breakdowns. Servico are here to ensure that you really do run a ‘smooth operation’.


Medical Centres see thousands of patients in a month. Prescriptions are written (processed) as are briefs to Specialists, Pathologists and physiotherapists. Even when medical records are kept online there are often physical paper records kept to start with – with imaging, attached data and treatment history. But always there are large quantities of documents that by necessity must be securely shredded. Patient confidentiality is paramount. Servico will provide the right equipment for your Medical Practice with a sensible, practical maintenance plan. Reliable and Dependable.


Schools, Colleges, Training Centres, Universities, TAFE Colleges, Police Stations, Court Houses, Council Offices – Servico is there, servicing their office equipment needs on a daily basis.

Don’t hesitate – Call Servico now on 9686 8044 and book an appointment. Let Manager Phil Milides assist you in developing the right systems with the right equipment to suit your needs.profile-pic

From Electric Staplers to Whiteboards, from Binders to Laminators, Servico have the best equipment available for your needs. Visit our website and discover a world of useful equipment to suit your needs. Because at Servico – We keep you running.

Equip your business for the job and save money!

Do you run an office or service facility (such as a School, Training Centre or Sporting Club) that prepares quantities of printed material on a regular basis? Perhaps you have it prepared by a large digital print provider. Maybe its time to do a cost analysis and determine that doing it in-house with the right equipment is far more economical. At Servico we can recommend the right equipment for your needs, creating a smooth seamless operation from print , collating, binding, folding to finished documents ready to deliver.

Servico offer a full range of equipment that can ensure the simple production of printed material for distribution to customers (Real Estate, Training Institutes), to students, (Schools, TAFEs and Universities) to Sporting Clubs (Football, Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, etc) or for Point of Sale promotions for Retail (Retail customers, DIY, Menus, etc).

At Servico we can arrange equipment for small operations through to large educational institutions. We offer a range of Binders – Fellowes, Renz, Kupa, Folders – Ledah, Superfax, Duplo, and Laminators – Gold Sovereign, Fellowes, Emseal.

As well we can supply you with professional Paper Guillotines, Paper Shredders,, Electric Staplers, Trimmers, Paper Drills and Hole Punches.

Get with the program and produce fabulous work in-house at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. All office equipment is considered capital equipment and can be financed over specified periods.

Here are three new products from Dahle – the Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder, the Dahle 40330 Shredder and the Dahle 40534

Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder

Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder

This unit, the Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder is NSA approved reducing a single sheet of paper into 15,000 tiny minuscule particles. Rated at ‘Security Level 6’, it can shred 5 sheets at once, into an 87 litre holding bin. For those interested the shredded particle size is a mere 1mm x 4.7mm via a crosscut.

Dahle 40330 Shredder

Dahle 40330 Shredder

As well Servico also offers the Dahle 40330 Paper Shredder. This machine accepts a 240mm width and crosscuts. It accepts 5 sheets per shred and has a security rating of Level 5.

Dahle 40534 Shredder

Dahle 40534 Shredder

And then there is the Dahle 40534 Paper Shredder. This unit accepts up to 310mm in width, crosscuts and will do 7 sheets at a time. It has a security rating of 6.

Call Servico now on 03 9686 8044 and enquire this week for a discount on any purchases of these shredders.

Talk to our manager Phil Milides as to your particular needs. Phillip can provide an excellent plan for your needs, locating all equipment and ensuring a strong ongoing maintenance plan. Or you can book a service call online here.

At Servico we keep you running. We never stop, Neither will you.

An amazing video

Robotics, precision, innovation – today’s world sees the creative use of both human skills and the world of robotics in supplying so many of the needs, wishes, fantasies and ultimately, the equipment we need to live in our modern world.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 1.50.54 pm copy

Take the time to watch this most interesting video. At Servico we appreciate technical skill and machinery and those who operate it. It simply makes life more enjoyable, easier and rewarding.

And remember at Servico – we keep you running

Servico is SAM 4 Schools Certified

Servico provides a range of services for both Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Tertiary and training institutions. Processing of manuals, handouts, posters, notices and documents demand a range of equipment that is kept in immaculate condition with high usage. With all equipment used, from high tech whiteboards (Panasonic) right through to humble electronic staplers (including Rapid, Rexel, Stago), Servico provide quick and efficient service.

Servico are SAM4Schools compliant. To explain, here is the introduction to the SAM4Schools program…

Managing the Risk and Compliance of your School’s Providers of On-site Goods or Services (POGS) and Contractors


SAM4Schools is a secure, online Risk and Compliance Management System that benefits schools and their providers of on-site goods or services (POGS) / contractors.
Our system provides the framework to establish and maintain an up-to-date Compliance Register for every provider of on-site goods or services (POGS) and contractors to a school.  This enables a school to meet its workplace obligations and comply with current legislation, while providing their legal duty of care.

SAM4Schools streamlines compliance and reporting procedures, and greatly assists those responsible for the workplace health and safety of their school, such as:  principals, assistant principals, business managers and leadership team members responsible for budgets, facilities and purchasing.

A school culture that values compliance and governance is the key to delivering trust and integrity. Building and maintaining this culture casts a protective net over your staff and students while satisfying legal requirements.
The school education framework in Australia is undergoing critical change, resulting in increasing pressure for schools to educate students while negotiating constant shifts in legislative, fiscal and economic requirements. Such challenges create greater expectations on your compliance and risk processes to protect your school from harm.
Risks are events, situations or circumstances that may lead to negative consequences for your school. Appropriate risk management strategies can minimise costly and stressful problems, and may also reduce insurance claims and premiums


Servico maintain a full range of Shredders, Folders, Binders, Laminators, Guillotines, Trimmers, Electronic Staplers, Paper Drills, Hole Punches – not to mention those fabulous Whiteboards. Check this page [] for further information.

Servico provide warranty services for a range of branded equipment. Call on 9686 8044 and check whether your equipment is covered by Servico.

Servico service brands such as Fellowes, Dahle, Ledah, Nobo, Uchida, Rapid, Royal Sovereign, Kobra, Prima, Ideal and Many more. All makes and all models – we hear this phrase a lot, but in Servico’s case, it’s verifiably true.

At schools, equipment rightly needs to be certified as both safe and serviceable. Servico ensure that not only is equipment well maintained but that it is always positioned and to be utilised with safety in mind as a number one priority for students and staff alike.

Servico service many ‘Print Shops’ where both Offset and Digital printing is undertaken. Print Shops require constant vigilance – one machine component in the production line process breaks down and the whole process comes to a stand still. Rely on Servico to keep your business running. Or your school, mail house or Real Estate agency – always reliable, always on time.

For your convenience book an appointment now here for a call or service and maintenance from Servico. A customer service officer will contact you promptly.

Servico – the name says it all.

Real Estate Agencies – We keep you running.

Real Estate Agencies are often required to produce brochures, fact sheets and documents on a regular basis. Firstly there are flyers and visual fact sheets produced for the Residences and Commercial premises they may sell. Then there is documentation for pre-sale, for inspections, for offers, etc. Much of this documentation is one off material – used once then by necessity disposed of. Of course with private information and detail involved it must be shredded – properly and professionally.

Servico service a number of Real Estate offices and individual branch offices of well known Real Estate organisations. It provides a range of laminators, guillotines and paper folders from well known and recognised industry brand leaders suitable for usage at different activity levels by both large and small Real Estate agency offices.

One such Agency is Love Real Estate located at 274 High St Preston. The Agency specialises in Residential property sales in the area as well as Property Management for landlords with properties extending from Reservoir to Thornbury and West Preston to East Preston. Nicki Castro is the office manager for Love Real Estate of Preston. She was very effervescent in her praise for Servico, its services, sales activity and for proprietor Phillip Milides.


She expressed that upon experiencing a fault or breakdown she could call Servico and be guaranteed a 2 day turnaround on any maintenance or repairs. She pointed at that in most cases Phillip or his staff actually followed up on the same day. She expressed 100% satisfaction with Servico pointing out that unlike the larger companies servicing copiers or computers, she was able to maintain a personal relationship with Phillip and his team from Servico.

As well Nicki pointed out that when equipment was no longer viable Phillip Milides and his Servico team were very helpful in recommending the right equipment for her needs at the right cost. Currently Love Real Estate operate Shredders and Paper Folders from name brands. Love Real Estate can be contacted at for all your real estate requirements within the greater Preston region.

Phillip Milides suggested if your Real Estate Agency requires a paper folder to look at the Superfax PF340 as a suitable piece of equipment. However Phillip felt it very important that when considering such purchases, clients should always call Servico for advice and recommendations. Please call 03 9686 8044 for a free no obligation quote or simply to gather advice on which office equipment, be it in Shredders, Folders, Laminators or Guillotines best suit the scale and requirements of your office.

Currently Servico maintain and service a full range of equipment at the offices of Jellis Craig Real Estate, Love Real Estate, Marshall White Real Estate, Harcourts Real Estate, Ray White Real Estate and a number of other Real Estate Agencies.


When service and reliability is critical, remember, here at Servico we promise to keep you running.

So never stop running, call Melbourne’s premier office equipment repairer on 03 9686 8044 and experience real service. Or go to our website and fill out a contact form and book online.

Servico – The name means service.

Servico – Your first choice for maintenance

At Servico we offer regular maintenance, emergency callout, warranty repairs on nominated brands and equipment sales on a wide range of well known brands of office equipment.

shutterstock_94725904 Melbourne City Skyline with Hot Air Balloons - 1200px

If your business, organisation, school or club has Binding Machines, Laminators, Electric Staplers, Paper Guillotines, Paper Folders, Shredders, Trimmers, Paper Drills or Hole Punches, then Servico can ensure you have a smoothly operating office, business, print shop or school.

Regular maintenance ensures that these types of equipment run efficiently with little or no risk of breakdown. Servico can service a full range of branded equipment. Fellowes, Ledah, Dahle, Kobra, Rexel and many other brands provide no problem for our trained and proficient serviceman. Generally the job can be undertaken on site but if required your equipment can be transported to our fully equipped workshop located at Unit 19, 44 Sparks Ave, Fairfield just a few kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

For attendance on your premises either call us on 9686 8044 or email us here. We are open for business at our workshop between 9.00am and 5.00pm Tuesday and Thursday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are only by pre arranged appointment.


Our Emergency Call Out is where we will attend your premises and equipment within 48 hours. Our service personnel will explain our process when you make an emergency call. Often, Servico will have suitable spare parts on hand for your type of equipment.

Servico carry out warranty repairs on a range of well known brands including Fellowes, Dahle and Ledah. Call any time to check whether we can service your equipment under your existing warranty. Often we can as we service such a wide range of equipment.

Lastly, when its time to say goodbye to that faithful shredder, that binder that no longer binds, that folding machine that no longer folds, call Servico on 9686 8044 and ask for assistance in selecting a new machine at a competitive price or if you’re in luck a fully reconditioned Servico machine that may meet your requirements.


Always depend on Servico – We keep you running

Got room for this printer?

Watch the video here

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 3.08.54 pm copy

At Servico we service a number of very large Print Shops with a range of equipment. From Electric Staplers to Folding Machines there are all sorts of equipment constantly used in the Printing industry, particularly offset printing that Servico can service. This is not one of them – the Heidelberg XL182 * Colour. For those who think we are heading to a paperless future check out this baby! You may have some difficulty fitting it in your back office! But hey the finish is superb! Yes I’m guessing it will qualify as ‘Large Format’.

And speaking of qualifying do remember that today is your LAST CHANCE to gain a Tax Break on equipment purchases. Come Monday? It’s over.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 3.09.02 pm copy

Servico has a wide range of useful equipment for today’s modern Print Shops. We carry the Dumor range of Business Card Cutters, Creaser Folders, Creaser Perforators, Booklet Makers and other products – all available for sale with full warranty and maintenance programs available.

Servico are accredited warranty repairers for many different brands of commonly used office and Print equipment. Brands such as Ledah, Fellowes, Rexel, Uchida and others. Check here for more information

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 3.09.09 pm copy

Servico offer full service and product support. Call now on 03 9686 8044 and book a maintenance call. Ask our experienced staff for options on service, maintenance or replacement on a full range of equipment – Binders, Shredders, Paper Guillotines, Electric Staplers, Folders, Laminators and many other items.

But – we don’t service colour printers – especially ones that fill a 20000 square foot warehouse.

Last Call Last Call – June 30th

– No more Tax Rebates on newly purchased equipment. Now is the time to make sure your business doesn’t miss out!

At Servico we have some really super specials that just won’t last. How’s this for value!

The Dahle High Security Shredder Clearance Brand New at 50-70% off normal retail.

Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder

Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder

Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder

This unit, the Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder is NSA approved reducing a single sheet of paper into 15,000 tiny minuscule particles. Rated at ‘Security Level 6’, it can shred 5 sheets at once, into an 87 litre holding bin. For those interested the shredded particle size is a mere 1mm x 4.7mm via a crosscut.

Dahle 40330 Shredder

Dahle 40330 Shredder

Dahle 40330 Shredder

As well Servico also offers the Dahle 40330 Paper Shredder. This machine accepts a 240mm width and crosscuts. It accepts 5 sheets per shred and has a security rating of Level 5.

Dahle 40534 Shredder

Dahle 40534 Shredder

Dahle 40534 Shredder

And then there is the Dahle 40534 Paper Shredder. This unit accepts up to 310mm in width, crosscuts and will do 7 sheets at a time. It has a security rating of 6.

Quality Refurbished Items

And look here at the quality refurbished items now available exclusively through Servico – all with a 3 month warranty!

Emseal Compact 810 Roll Laminator

Emseal Compact 810 Roll Laminator

Emseal Compact 810 Roll Laminator

Perfect for schools, offices, print shops and large offices.

Uchida VS200 Paper Drill

Uchida VS200 Paper Drill

Uchida VS200 Paper Drill

A reliable and efficient unit where you just need to keep putting out manuals and ring binder documents.

Servico are open Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am until 5pm as well as Moday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment only.

Call Servico now on 03 9686 8044 and lock down a deal on a Dahle Shredder or our quality reconditioned and refurbished equipment, the Emseal Compact Laminator or the Uchida VS200 Paper Drill – done and dusted. Be a winner – Get your rebate Now!