Servico – Your first choice for maintenance

At Servico we offer regular maintenance, emergency callout, warranty repairs on nominated brands and equipment sales on a wide range of well known brands of office equipment.

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If your business, organisation, school or club has Binding Machines, Laminators, Electric Staplers, Paper Guillotines, Paper Folders, Shredders, Trimmers, Paper Drills or Hole Punches, then Servico can ensure you have a smoothly operating office, business, print shop or school.

Regular maintenance ensures that these types of equipment run efficiently with little or no risk of breakdown. Servico can service a full range of branded equipment. Fellowes, Ledah, Dahle, Kobra, Rexel and many other brands provide no problem for our trained and proficient serviceman. Generally the job can be undertaken on site but if required your equipment can be transported to our fully equipped workshop located at Unit 19, 44 Sparks Ave, Fairfield just a few kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

For attendance on your premises either call us on 9686 8044 or email us here. We are open for business at our workshop between 9.00am and 5.00pm Tuesday and Thursday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are only by pre arranged appointment.


Our Emergency Call Out is where we will attend your premises and equipment within 48 hours. Our service personnel will explain our process when you make an emergency call. Often, Servico will have suitable spare parts on hand for your type of equipment.

Servico carry out warranty repairs on a range of well known brands including Fellowes, Dahle and Ledah. Call any time to check whether we can service your equipment under your existing warranty. Often we can as we service such a wide range of equipment.

Lastly, when its time to say goodbye to that faithful shredder, that binder that no longer binds, that folding machine that no longer folds, call Servico on 9686 8044 and ask for assistance in selecting a new machine at a competitive price or if you’re in luck a fully reconditioned Servico machine that may meet your requirements.


Always depend on Servico – We keep you running

Got room for this printer?

Watch the video here

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At Servico we service a number of very large Print Shops with a range of equipment. From Electric Staplers to Folding Machines there are all sorts of equipment constantly used in the Printing industry, particularly offset printing that Servico can service. This is not one of them – the Heidelberg XL182 * Colour. For those who think we are heading to a paperless future check out this baby! You may have some difficulty fitting it in your back office! But hey the finish is superb! Yes I’m guessing it will qualify as ‘Large Format’.

And speaking of qualifying do remember that today is your LAST CHANCE to gain a Tax Break on equipment purchases. Come Monday? It’s over.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 3.09.02 pm copy

Servico has a wide range of useful equipment for today’s modern Print Shops. We carry the Dumor range of Business Card Cutters, Creaser Folders, Creaser Perforators, Booklet Makers and other products – all available for sale with full warranty and maintenance programs available.

Servico are accredited warranty repairers for many different brands of commonly used office and Print equipment. Brands such as Ledah, Fellowes, Rexel, Uchida and others. Check here for more information

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 3.09.09 pm copy

Servico offer full service and product support. Call now on 03 9686 8044 and book a maintenance call. Ask our experienced staff for options on service, maintenance or replacement on a full range of equipment – Binders, Shredders, Paper Guillotines, Electric Staplers, Folders, Laminators and many other items.

But – we don’t service colour printers – especially ones that fill a 20000 square foot warehouse.

Last Call Last Call – June 30th

– No more Tax Rebates on newly purchased equipment. Now is the time to make sure your business doesn’t miss out!

At Servico we have some really super specials that just won’t last. How’s this for value!

The Dahle High Security Shredder Clearance Brand New at 50-70% off normal retail.

Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder

Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder

Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder

This unit, the Dahle 40334 High Security Shredder is NSA approved reducing a single sheet of paper into 15,000 tiny minuscule particles. Rated at ‘Security Level 6’, it can shred 5 sheets at once, into an 87 litre holding bin. For those interested the shredded particle size is a mere 1mm x 4.7mm via a crosscut.

Dahle 40330 Shredder

Dahle 40330 Shredder

Dahle 40330 Shredder

As well Servico also offers the Dahle 40330 Paper Shredder. This machine accepts a 240mm width and crosscuts. It accepts 5 sheets per shred and has a security rating of Level 5.

Dahle 40534 Shredder

Dahle 40534 Shredder

Dahle 40534 Shredder

And then there is the Dahle 40534 Paper Shredder. This unit accepts up to 310mm in width, crosscuts and will do 7 sheets at a time. It has a security rating of 6.

Quality Refurbished Items

And look here at the quality refurbished items now available exclusively through Servico – all with a 3 month warranty!

Emseal Compact 810 Roll Laminator

Emseal Compact 810 Roll Laminator

Emseal Compact 810 Roll Laminator

Perfect for schools, offices, print shops and large offices.

Uchida VS200 Paper Drill

Uchida VS200 Paper Drill

Uchida VS200 Paper Drill

A reliable and efficient unit where you just need to keep putting out manuals and ring binder documents.

Servico are open Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am until 5pm as well as Moday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment only.

Call Servico now on 03 9686 8044 and lock down a deal on a Dahle Shredder or our quality reconditioned and refurbished equipment, the Emseal Compact Laminator or the Uchida VS200 Paper Drill – done and dusted. Be a winner – Get your rebate Now!

Number 1 for Office Equipment Servicing

Since 1995, Servico has provided a range of Office Equipment Servicing and a range of both Office Equipment and Print Finishing Equipment. Managed by owner/operator Mr Phillip Milides the business is largely mobile – Servico comes to you – your premises and your equipment.

Recently Phillip transferred the business and its workshop from Moray St South Melbourne to Sparks St in Fairfield, to larger premises with more scope to provide a wider range or service activities and Equipment Sales.

Servico is all about providing a total office solution. Through utilising the equipment Servico services and sells, offices, schools, businesses and professionals become self sufficient. There is no need to outsource simple tasks like Binding, Stapling, Paperfolding, Shredding, Guillotining and Paper Trimming – you can perform all these tasks in house, or at a much lower cost , on time as required.

Documents, advertising flyers, newsletters and simple signage are all possible. There are equipment options available to suit you and your business needs from single operators through to large print shops and Educational facilities.

Now is the perfect time to invest in new equipment, ensuring your business still reaps the current tax rebate offered on all new equipment.

Call now on 03 9686 8044 and make an appointment for Phil Milides to personally come to your place of business and provide insight and options as to how you can improve your office or print shop output and efficiency.

Or ask about Servico’s fully reconditioned equipment now available for sale. It may well be that Servico have the perfect option available to improve your current office efficiency.

So for Binders, Laminators, Shredders, Guillotines, Electronic Whiteboards, Electric Staplers, Folding Machines, Trimmers, Paper Drills, Hole Punches and many more items all top brands, with warranties and solid service plans call Servico now and make sure you avail yourself of the full Tax Rebate only available until June 30th, 2017. Ask about the new Dumor range of Paper Folders.

Please go to our website for more information or call now on 03 9686 8044.

Servico – We keep you running.

Tax Time and the Importance of Paper Shredders

Office Chaos Video

Shredding Paper, Paper Shredding, Shredding Paper. It’s tax time, now not suggesting that this time brings about a time where paper needs shredding but take a look at the video above – what efficiency.

And if you select a paper shredder via Servico – whether it’s a Kobra, Intimus, Fellowes, Ideal – large or small – it will be efficient and reliable. Gain insight and advice – call Servico on 03 9686 8044 and discuss your needs.

Servico will service these brands and carry out warranty repairs as are required. Get the full specifications from our service team, get a great price and ensure that your office never ends up swamped like the one in the video.

Remember Servico will service your equipment on-site within 48 hours. Or if you choose you can deliver your equipment to our workshop located at Unit 19, 44 Sparks Ave, Fairfield, Victoria. But be sure to call first and book an appointment – Monday, Wednesday and Friday are all available usually.

At Servico we understand that for busy print shops, mailhouses, large and heavily populated offices, not to mention schools – primary, secondary and of course Universities and TAFEs – breakdowns simply are a major financial impediment and must be swiftly rectified. Deadlines must be met, exams conducted and presentations completed.

profile-picServico provide full servicing and repair on most makes and models of paper shredding machines and simple shredders. This includes strip cut shredders, micro cut shredders and cross cut shredders. Check out our website for details here.

If you’ve watched the video, it’s also very clear that we do not service Bell Helicopters. Call Servico – The name means service.

June 30th – The Cutoff Date. Make Your Purchases Now with Servico!

With Tax Time looming it’s now time to upgrade your equipment before the cut-off date for the tax free threshold. Equipment sales on all items for your business to a value of $20,000 will provide an immediate tax write off up until June 30th.

Don’t miss out! If your current equipment is failing there won’t be a better time to select a new model – whether it’s a Binder, Shredder, Stapler, Paper Guillotine, Paper Folder, Whiteboard or a host of other items to keep your office and your business running.

Cyclical Maintenance

For Schools, Universities, TAFEs and Training Centres – the July mid-year break is looming. It’s a perfect time to schedule a maintenance call from Servico, to ensure another term of trouble free running of all your valuable equipment – Whiteboards, Paper Binders, Guillotines, Electric Staplers, Paper Shredders and Paper Folders.

Servico will provide a free assessment of any or all of your equipment. Call now for a free no-obligation quotation or call out as you require on 03 9686 8044.

And remember, Servico carry a wide range of quality reconditioned items that may fit your requirements. Call for details or visit our website at

Dumor – Our newest supplier

Servico service and supply a wide range of custom designed and engineered Office and Print Shop equipment. We now supply the very high quality and excellent range of equipment from Dumor, a global manufacturer and distributor of paper industry products.

Dumor are renowned for producing a complete range of equipment for all paper preparation and production. It manufactures Business Card Cutters, Creaser Folders, Creaser Perforators, Booklet Makers and other products – and these are all sold and serviced by Servico.

Dumor 8335B+33KF Lightning Fold

The newest Dumor product on the marketplace is the 8335B+33KF Lightning Fold machine. This machine accepts paper weighing from 100gsm – 350gsm and up to 400gsm for a half fold. Minimum paper size is 140x150mm or 45x135mm (crease only with option). It will accept non-coated paper, coated paper and laminated paper.

For a full description of this unit, please visit the Dumor website via the link below. This ‘new’ unit is the feature product and its full specifications are available for your assistance.

Click here to view the product

Flexicut and Compacut Cardmakers

Dumor also offer a range of Cardmakers. both a Flexicut series and a Compacut series. One is manual, the other is programmed.

For full specifications please click here

Servico is also excited to announce to all of our customers the upcoming PacPrint 2017 Expo to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre between May 24th and May 28th. More details next week. Servico will be attending.

For now remember to ensure you have locked in suitable maintenance programming for all your valuable equipment – Binders, Folders, Guillotines, Staplers, Folders, Hole Punches, Whiteboards and more.

Call Servico on 03 9686 8044 and remember…

We keep you running.

It’s Tax Time – Don’t miss the $20,000 TAX BREAK!

At Servico, we can assist you to ensure you are operating at your highest efficiency. Part of this is in selecting and purchasing the right equipment. Fortunately the current $20,000 tax break on equipment purchases is still in place – until June 30th 2017. Now is the time to make that purchase on new equipment – Binders, Shredders, Folders, Guillotines, Staplers, Whiteboards, etc.

To assist you today we provide information on the Federal Government Tax Break and how your business can benefit.

Here is the original ABC Press Report on the Tax Break available – Until June 30th 2017.

$20,000 small business tax break explained

One of the biggest announcements in 2015’s budget was the temporary increase to the instant asset write-off, allowing small businesses to claim back purchases of up to $20,000.

So is this just free money? How can you take advantage of the new scheme?

Take a look at the key points of the $20,000 instant asset write-off.

What is the $20,000 tax break?

Businesses with an annual turnover under $2 million can claim immediate tax deductions for as many sub-$20,000 purchases as they make between 7:30pm on budget night and June 30, 2017, rather than having to claim those purchases as deductions spread over several years.

This was and is a huge increase from the previous instant asset write-off threshold of $1,000.

The Federal Government allocated $1.75 billion to fund the scheme, which will run for the next two years. [Note: It finishes on June 30th 2017!]
Who is eligible?

The $20,000 tax break applies to businesses that can demonstrate ongoing activity via quarterly Business Activity Statements.

The business must be actively trading to be eligible for the break.

What’s covered?

“If you run a cafe, it might be new kitchen equipment, or new tables and chairs,” Mr Hockey said in his budget night speech in 2015.

“If you’re a tradie, it might be new tools or a computer for the home office.”

“Cars and vans, kitchens or machinery … anything under $20,000 is immediately 100 per cent tax deductible from tonight.”

In other words, any asset involved in running a business is covered by the scheme.

What’s not?

Assets over $20,000 are not eligible for the instant tax write-off, but can be fully written off over a longer period.

Any assets over $20,000 can be added together and depreciated at the same rate. These assets are depreciated at 15 per cent in the first income year, and 30 per cent per year thereafter.

If the value of the pool is below $20,000 until the end of June 2017 it can be immediately deducted too.

There are a few items not deductible, including some horticultural plants and any software developed in-house by a business.

Software purchased for business use, for example, an account-keeping program, can be claimed.

Accountants have also warned they expect the ATO to closely monitor the number of Australian Business Number (ABN) applications, to keep an eye on any attempt to rort the scheme.

What else do you get?

In addition to the instant asset write-off, companies with annual turnover of less than $2 million have had their tax rate lowered, from 30 per cent to 28.5 per cent.

This is the lowest small business company tax rate in almost 50 years.

Unincorporated businesses, such as sole traders, partnerships and trusts, will also get a 5 per cent tax discount from July 1 up to $1,000 a year.

What does this mean for you?

“If you currently run or you are thinking of starting a small business, now is the time to act”, according to ABC’s AM program host Michael Brissenden.

“The small business package is extraordinarily generous. If you were ever thinking about opening a cafe, do it now,” Brissenden wrote last night.

“Buy as many espresso makers, fridges, photocopiers and lawn mowers as you like, and claim an immediate tax deduction until 2017.”


Check this chart – it’s accurate…



Finally, call us at Servico regarding your new equipment requirements. Quality brands such as Fellowes, Dahle, Ideal and Ledah with effective warranties are all available now to be purchased and installed BEFORE June 30th 2017.

Servico – We keep you running.

It’s Time to Upgrade

There comes a time when businesses, schools, training and service centres need to upgrade on office performance. Whether its reports, price lists, fact sheets or laminated display cards, there comes a time when it’s commercially smart to invest in the right equipment.

Binders, laminators, paper guillotines, staplers and a good copier. The local office supplies or secretarial service just becomes too expensive and the queues too long. Doing the job in-house means you are ready, prepared and professional.

Documents can be produced with ease. Binders are available for all business requirements – whether you need to bind one document at a time or a hundred at a time, Servico can access a full range of binders and binding equipment – Qupa, GBC, Renz and many other brands – providing full sales and installation service and then ongoing maintenance of your selected binding equipment.

Servico can provide advice, sales, installation and maintenance on a wide range of Laminators. Brands such as Gold Sovereign, Fellowes, GBC and a host of others provides Servico customers with a wide range of equipment to choose from.

Electronic and Mechanical Staplers are also available with brands such as Rapid, Rexel, Max, Skrebba, Stago and Nagel all accessible and for sale, with full service and backup available.

With all new equipment, there is often a warranty period and Servico are the accredited warranty repairers for many major brands.

Being well equipped enables your business to present professionally – all of the time. Changes to fact sheets, price lists and company profiles can be achieved in real time – no waiting, no added expense.

Schools, Training Centres, Conference Facilities – all require the right equipment to service their student populations, their faculties, and in the case of Training Centres and Conference Facilities – their valuable clients.

Call Servico now on 03 9686 8044 and ensure your business, office or school is optimally equipped to handle your in-house printing, binding, copying and laminating requirements, or book online here.

Servico – We keep you running.

School Term Break – Perfect time for Maintenance and Repairs

profile-picSchool Holidays – time to take a break and recuperate. Well, not for us here at Servico. Schools use paper and as such, they use equipment to manage paper such as Laminators, Binders, Shredders, Electric Staplers, Folders, Whiteboards and Guillotines.

With up to 1100–1200 students at some high Schools, and most Primary Schools having enrolments of 300–600, this puts extra stress on all this equipment. Now is a very good time to schedule maintenance and inspection on all such items with Servico. You can call now and schedule a visit from our qualified service personnel on 03 9686 8044 or send us a message through our online booking form.

It’s stress free and means that this new term you know the equipment is going to function without fault right through until next term break. And guess what? You can schedule your next maintenance call for that period ensuring you experience trouble free, productive time from all your hard working equipment. If you’re not sure whether we can service your equipment or office machines – call us – we service all makes and models.

And as we told you last week, and this applies to schools as well as businesses, if your equipment reaches the end of its useful or productive life, our Servico Technicians can indicate a suitable replacement unit, negotiate a great deal for you and have your new unit ready and functioning for the new school term. Again we often carry fully reconditioned, high quality, second hand equipment which may suit your organisation’s individual needs.

We service major brands such as Fellowes, Dahle, Ledah and Ideal. Servico are fully qualified and accredited Warranty Repairers for a wide range of brands including Rexel, Kobra Shredders and Infostop.

Other brands included… For Electronic and Mechanical Staplers – Rapid, Excel, Elmers, Ledah, Nagel and Novus Staplers. For Paper Trimmers – Neolt, GBC, Fellowes, Carl, Dahle and Jastek. For Electronic Whiteboards, Servico service and repair NEC, Toshiba and Panasonic Whiteboards – again if you’re not sure call us on 03 9686 8044 and enquire regarding all office equipment (no PCs or copiers please).

Servico, we’re here to keep you running