Servico – Real Service, Real Expertise.

At Servico, our technicians are highly skilled in the maintenance of a wide range of office equipment. Equipment that ensures your business, your enterprise, or your training continues successfully without interruption or disruption.

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For Real Estate Agencies, the Spring Auction Season is in full swing. New brochures, new spec sheets. Letterbox drops and Auction Day materials. Folding machines, binders, guillotines and electric staplers are all being pushed along under extreme pressure.




A breakdown now just isn’t required. The best remedy or precaution to ensure no breakdowns during your busiest season is to sign up to a regular maintenance plan with Servico. Intricate complicated machinery requires proper maintenance, oiling and some replacements on a regular basis.


And with the materials produced, once the property is sold, it’s time for the shredder. Servico now have exclusive access to the Dahle range of shredders.

For your information here are 6 selected models that may suit your requirements.

Dahle Shredders

  • Dahle 106 – A unit perfect for the busy office. Quiet and efficient. Waste collection 60 litres
  • Dahle 114 – For high volume document shredding. Waste collection 140L
  • Dahle 403 – A smaller shredder for Deskside application. Crosscut with waste collection of 30L
  • Dahle 406air – Medium sized Shredder. Department size and offers cross cutting. Holds 60 litres of waste
  • Dahle 414air – Offers a crosscut shredding from Dahle – the only ones available on the market. Waste collection 140L
  • Dahle 506 – Also a crosscut shredder, a smaller version, holding 60L of waste paper

dahle shredders.jpg

logo dahle

For Schools, Training Venues, TAFE Colleges and Universities, it’ also a busy time preparing for and conducting end of year examinations. Again there is no margin for error. With many items to be printed, collated, presented, corrected and assessed, equipment performance is premium. Ensure that a full maintenance program is in place. Servico can provide a sensible plan that will suit curriculum planning and ensure smooth operation.


Call now on 9686 8044 or leave your details here and one of our friendly staff will contact you ASAP regarding your enquiry.


Remember Servico – the name means service.

We keep you running.

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